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Phone: 630-636-3300
I am excited to be starting my 10 year as the principal of Long Beach Elementary School.  Over the past 9 years, we have made some great strides in creating an inclusive, caring environment where all students are respected, developed and provided the best learning environment.
I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Elmhurst College, now called Elmhurst University, in Elmhurst Illinois in 1995.  I received my Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, in 2002.  I began my teaching career as a seventh grade math teacher at West Chicago Middle School.  After two years, I transitioned to Winfield Middle School, where I served as the sixth, seventh and eighth grade math teacher, where I taught for 7 years.  My last two years at Winfield, I served in a dual role as math teacher and started my administrative experience as assistant principal. 
In 2004, I began my career in Oswego School District #308.  I served five years as the Assistant Principal at Traugher Junior High, and one year as the Assistant Principal at Bednarcik Junior High.  In 2010, I was hired as the Principal at Hunt Club Elementary School, where I served for three years before moving to Long Beach.  I started as the Principal at Long Beach in the fall of 2013, and have been here ever since.  I am in my 19th year in Oswego School District #308 and 28th overall in education.
I believe that when every member of the staff is all pulling in the same direction, great things can be accomplished!  We have a veteran staff here at Long Beach that has done many great things and we are all so eager to keep the positive momentum going!
MR. Joe Davis

MR. Joe Davis

Phone: (630) 636-3311
Hello! My name is Joe Davies and I could not be happier to introduce myself to the Oswego 308 community as the Assistant Principal of Long Beach Elementary School.  As we are about to officially begin the 23-24SY, there are a few things I would like to share with you about who I am and more importantly my why. 

I had known that I wanted to be a teacher from a young age. I am so close with my sister and always have been. Jenna is autistic and everyday skills and tasks were a challenge for her. Some things required a great deal of extra time and energy for her master and I was determined  to help her with anything and everything. Jenna and I did everything together and nothing gave me greater joy or purpose in life than helping her succeed. Although I am only one person in her life, I am so proud of her and her story is truly inspiring. Fast forward to today-Jenna is a teacher, musician, and motivational speaker. That, amongst so much more, is why being Jenna’s brother instilled teaching into my DNA.

I attended Illinois State University for my undergrad in Elementary Education. I graduated in 2014 and was hired for my first teaching position in Joliet 86. I spend the next 8 years obtaining experience in a variety of different roles. I taught 7th and 8th grade at the Junior High School level across the subject areas of: Math, Science, Social Science, and Language Arts. In addition to teaching, I took on leadership roles which included: sponsoring student organizations, coaching multiple sports, being an Athletic Director, contributing to the building leadership team, and representing my school at the district level as a curriculum department cadre leader. 

I have always been passionate about learning as much as I could about each and every one of my students. Everyone has a story to tell that we should learn something new from. We must be kind to all we meet as well. You never know what someone is going through.  

During my teaching career, I was inspired by a colleague to pursue administration and to obtain my Master’s Degree. I was enamored with her ability to ensure that everyone she worked with felt seen; they knew that they were valued and that they belonged. I had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Jadon Waller previously in Joliet 86. I now have the privilege of working with her again here in Oswego 308. Jadon, I am forever grateful.

I graduated from the University of Saint Francis in 2020. I was afforded my first opportunity to lead in the capacity of being a building administrator shortly thereafter. I served as Assistant Principal in Kankakee 111, during the 22-23SY, at the Junior High. I loved working there as an administrator and did everything in my capacity to empower the students, the staff, and the community. 

Fast forward to today. The time I have spent working in the district has been nothing short of incredible thus far. I am grateful for the support I have received from the administrative team, district-wide. However, I would like to personally recognize Phil Murray. The culture at “The Beach” is the way that it is in large part due to your leadership. I am eager to learn from you and work alongside you as the Assistant Principal.